Est. 1998

On All Fours Cat Sitting® has been providing special, reliable, secure, and comprehensive in-home (in your home) cat care throughout Manhattan and Queens since 1998.

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Cat Sitting New York
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Cat Sitting New York
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Cat Sitting New York
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Cat Sitting New York
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What is our process?

When you need a professional cat sitter for whatever reason, you can use our contact form on this site, call us at 917-623-0087 or email us at

We will ultimately have a phone conversation with you to learn a bit about your fur babies and particular needs for care.

We then provide a meet and greet in your home which is free of charge. Since we are so thorough and detailed, we want to of course meet you and the cats, learn everything we need to in order to provide the best care possible and follow your care instructions. At the meeting, you will have the opportunity to meet the sitters assigned to the care of your cats.

As a follow up to our meeting, we will send you an email to confirm the timing of your trip, and will provide the total payment due along with payment options.

All of your pertinent information is input into the secure pet sitting software we use, so that your cat sitter can access the details at any time.

And most importantly, we come in as scheduled and provide the best care possible for your cats. We will text or email you with photos, if you wish, to check in to assure you that everything is going well despite your absence.

We of course will communicate any concerns we have, if any.

At our last visit, we leave you a nice note letting you know that all went well, and ask that you contact Leslie by text or email upon your safe return so that she knows that you have been reunited with your kitties.

Any questions regarding how we work? Check our FAQ or contact us!

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Our Clients

On All Fours Testimonial

G. Burger

New York

I’ve been a client of On All Fours for the past 8 years and can proudly say Leslie and her team are the BEST! I travel a lot and no matter how long the trip, I always know my kittens are in the best hands. I return home to a happy bunch and it’s clear they have been in fantastic care. She is clear with communication before, during and after a trip.

We all know the hassles of travel delays and canceled flights, but I never worry if my pets are going to be ok. Leslie makes sure everyone is taken care of until I get back home. When Hurricane Sandy hit and I couldn’t get back for a week, her team took care of them even while the city transportation was still trying to recover. They truly care about your beloved pets as if they were their own. You can’t get a better team for your furry family.

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