Leslie and her incredible staff have been taking care of my cats -- two generations worth! -- for almost 20 years now. I still remember our first meeting: Of the three people I contacted about cat sitting, Leslie was the only one who requested an in-person appointment (no charge) to meet me and the felines. When she arrived (right on time, of course!), she took her time getting to know my two rather shy males, William and Henry, who soon warmed up to her. She asked all the right questions (hiding places? vet? location of cat carrier? emergency contact? favorite toys? etc.) and immediately put me at ease, as I was about to embark on a long vacation for the first time since adopting my precious boys, and I was very nervous about leaving them. When I got home, they were happy and healthy, my apartment was immaculate, and my mail was neatly stacked on the kitchen table. She was there for me with her shoulder when William passed away at age 10, Henry at age 18. She nursed Henry through kidney disease and hyperthyroidism, giving him any medication he needed. She left her apartment 10:00 at night during a blizzard to feed them, because I was stranded at an out-of-town airport and couldn't get home as planned. She walked from downtown Manhattan to uptown during a power outage to make sure her charges would be taken care of. Now I have two females with entirely different temperaments from the boys, and Leslie's terrific staff never fails me or them. Leslie and her cat sitters communicate with me daily while I'm gone with texts, emails, and photos, so I always know what's happening. I know I never have to worry about my girls with On All Fours in charge. I just can't say enough about On All Fours -- I don't think there's a better or more caring cat-sitting service out there! They've been true life savers.
A. Tufel
I have been entrusting Leslie with the care of my cats for nearly 8 years now. She’s given them medications, kept them fed and hydrated, and has done an excellent job of keeping them entertained and cuddled. I appreciate how communicative she is, particularly when I’m on a long trip. Over the years, she’s also provided helpful health and nutrition advice. I trust her completely and wouldn’t dream of utilizing any other cat sitting service.
B. Matthews
My two precious girls have been privileged to be cared for, whenever I travel, by On All Fours Cat Sitting since July 2013. The service had come highly recommended by friends and family (my son and daughter). The care that Leslie and her team provide is exemplary - uniformly attentive, loving, and professional. They communicate with me not only with daily updates (including photos) but also immediately on the rare occasion when an issue arises with one of the girls. I am always confident that On All Fours Cat Sitting will attend to my princesses’ every need – meals and meds, play time and cuddles – in my absence. I can’t imagine there is a better cat sitting service on the planet!
L. Satlin
On All Fours Cat Sitting has been a lifesaver for me! They were recommended by my vet, after one of my cats had a health scare right before we were going on a vacation. I don't know how I did without them before that! Over the last six years, I've used them every single time I go out of town. Every sitter is amazing. They communicate with me on a daily basis, are super conscientious and well-versed in the care-taking of cats, and my boys really like them (and they can be picky!). The owner, Leslie, is an absolutely joy to work with; she is so organized and always puts me at ease when I'm planning my trips. On All Fours Catsitting gives me total peace of mind whenever I travel. It's an invaluable service!
S. Meller
I’ve been using On All Fours Cat Sitting consistently for the past few years to watch my 3 cats Squirrel, Cheyenne and Eddie. During that time, Leslie has always been responsive in her communications with me and accommodating to my ever-changing schedule. From our first meeting, I knew Leslie and her team were exactly who I wanted caring for my cats. They were thorough in asking all of the necessary questions about each cat and any special care they needed. I informed them that Cheyenne was diabetic and Eddie was blind and both needed extra care and attention. Since then, no matter who from On All Fours has been visiting, I’ve known that each cat was well taken care of and given the love they craved. I especially appreciated receiving photos from their visits and seeing how content they were. Even though Squirrel and Cheyenne are no longer with us, it’s reassuring and comforting to know that Eddie is getting the best care and love that he needs and deserves. I would highly recommend On All Fours to anyone looking for a team of reliable, trustworthy cat sitters who love the animals they care for.
M. Skorek
When I decided to adopt a cat, I knew I had to find a cat sitter. I checked online and found On All Fours Cat Sitting. The reviews were wonderful, so I contacted Leslie. I have been using her service for a year and my experience has exceeded my high expectations.

The care and attention to detail is exceptional. The sitter contacts me every day and sends pictures. She is willing to give Maisie medicine and is responsive to all her needs as well as my own.

This is an A+ business.
F. Rapp
The caring cat caretakers of On All Fours Cat Sitting have taken care of my cats over many years. They are professional, dependable, and knowledgeable, which means that I can be comfortable when I need to be away from home and leave my furballs in their care, knowing that the cats will be fine in my absence. They have been patient with my reams of notes and detailed instructions, and rose to the challenge when, for a time, I had a menagerie of 5 cats! Most of all, Leslie and her team have been lifesavers when it came to taking care of my latest adoptee who is diabetic, requiring twice daily insulin, special feeding, and sub-cutaneous fluids. My Luna and Billy Brighteyes say they highly recommend On All Fours Cat Sitting!
V. Kallianes
We have been using On All Fours Cat Sitting for nearly 4 years. I can't say enough good things about Leslie and her team. Having reliable, professional, and caring people take care of our kitties while we're away gives us peace of mind. They are also excellent with our cat that gets daily medication. Leslie conducts a comprehensive in-person interview with you to understand your cats’ personalities and make sure her team knows the best way to care for your small friends. I love getting daily emails or texts with photos of my girls to know they've been seen and are happy. Thank you Leslie.
V. Swinson
We have used the services of "On All Fours" on numerous occasions to care for our two cats, Lilith and Zachary (pictured), and have been delighted with their warm and thoughtful service. Lilith is 18 years old and requires particular care, including the administration of several meds, and these have been handled very lovingly and professionally. Zachary is a more rambunctious youngster, and is shy with strangers, but has adapted extremely well to the caretakers. We have had no concerns about giving the caretakers access to our apartment - we receive regular daily updates from them, often including pictures, by text when we are away, and every time we come home the litter boxes and environs are immaculate and the cats are well-groomed and very content. We commend this service to you without reservation. They have surpassed all of our expectations.
J. Dutt and C. Samaras
I have four cats that I love. Leaving them and not being able to explain why and how long I will be gone is the heart wrenching struggle that I and all pet owners endure. My struggle ended when I fortunately started using On All Fours Cat Sitting. I don’t know where or how they find their trusting, responsible cat caregivers that have a genuine concern for my pets, and truly understand their confusion in my absence, as well as my struggle in leaving them. I receive updates and photos on each of their visits and when any question arises they contact me immediately. Upon return, my home is exactly as I left it (perhaps a bit neater), they leave a written summary about their visits and I often find a new toy that they purchased for my cats. Because of On All Fours Cat Sitting, my trips are no longer burdened with my neurotic concerns about my babies. Without reservation I would enthusiastically recommend On All Fours Cat Sitting.
S. Phillips
I've been a loyal client of Leslie's for 10 years now. I trust her and her staff unconditionally. I have 3 kitties, Agnes, Fang and Nell, and they are precious to me. I know that they are safe and well cared for while I'm away, which makes all the difference. All of my cats have been rescued and two pose particular behavioral challenges, but I can attest to the fact that consistently and without fail, when I return home from a week away, they are all calm, relaxed and content. I know this is as a direct result of the high-quality of care Leslie and her staff provide. Leslie is prompt and responsive in all of her communications and takes time out to understand the needs of each cat/client. Her sitter Dawn, in particular, always brightens my days away from my kitties by texting me photos of them. I am forever grateful for On All Fours Cat Sitting!
C. Rosencrantz
Leslie and the team at On All Fours Cat Sitting take away our stress. Katarina, Kit Kat for short, doesn't play well with other cats but she has asthma and must receive medication twice a day. Kit Kat must be boarded or someone has to care for her while we are away. Lucky for us we found Leslie. I was home once and Katarina ran to meet Tina, one of her caretakers, and was really happy to see her. Not only does Katarina get fed and medicated but she also gets love and attention while we are away and we get photos of Katarina which make us smile each day. To find such a truly caring and compassionate company providing such a personal service was a gift for us.
K. and R. Beynon
Leslie and her wonderful team have been caring for my cats for a number of years. Like most people, I always felt anxiety and guilt about leaving my babies to the care of someone else, like a neighbor or friend. It just didn't feel right and for many years I never took a vacation where I would be away from them for any extended period. Then I found On All Fours Cat Sitting. Leslie came to my home and she took careful notes about my cat, what he eats, any medical issues, the toys he likes and anything else that she and her team needed to know. I felt comfortable with her and for the first time in many years, I went away for one week. Of course, I still stressed about leaving my baby, but Leslie and her team kept me updated on how everything was going via emails and pictures. That helped tremendously. When I returned home, Snagglepuss was calm and happy. They spent time brushing and playing with him. His litterbox was clean and he had food. There was no smell or any signs of him being upset because I wasn't there. I also love the "report cards" that were left on how everything went. I was so happy and relieved that he was well cared for while I was gone. Snagglepuss and subsequently, Cody, have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss them so much, but am happy to know that they were in good hands when I wasn't with them. Morty is now the NCIC. I adopted him knowing he has diabetes which required shots twice a day. When I went away for a day or two, Leslie's team was on it. They all know how to give shots so I didn't have to worry. They are so dedicated to caring for cats and you can see through your cat's content how much love they give to them. If you're like me - a worried cat mom (or dad) - you can be assured that your fur babies will be cared for as if you were with them. Let go and let Leslie and her team give your cats the best care they deserve.
M. Degnan
I’ve had my adorable cat Zipporah for 20 years, since I was a kid. She’s as adorable as ever in her old age, but now needs daily fluids (with a needle and IV line!). And I love to travel, often for weeks at a time. Because of the compassionate, trustworthy, and experienced cat-loving team at On All Fours, I can travel the world worry-free - I know my cat is in great hands while I’m gone, even with her special medical needs. Honestly, I think she is probably better cared for when I’m gone than when I’m home!

I love getting my daily text update that reassures me all is well, so that I can enjoy my trip. I’m so glad I found this service several years ago. Thank you to the On All Fours team who treats my pet as their own when I am gone!
C. Roberts
I have been using On All Fours Cat Sitting for many years now. Before that, I used various services and individual sitters, who, while reliable, could never provide the attention to detail, ability to handle all types of medications and other special needs, responsiveness, and overall high level of care. I must admit, I am not the easiest client--As a cat rescuer, I often have many cats in my home, ranging from very young kittens to geriatric cats. Each have unique needs, whether medically, nutrition-wise, or behaviorally. Even with my own cats, I leave extensive directions that go into extreme detail (e.g., "Henry needs to stay in the bedroom or he will attack Sophie," "Tony only eats his medicine if the pill is crushed in a third of a packet of wet food and treats are crumbled on top," "Henry needs 1/8 tsp miralax and fiber mixed into his dinner because he's constipated," "Tony cannot be allowed to eat anyone else's food because he has kidney disease, etc.").

It's important to me that even when I am gone, my cats not only get the food/medicine they need, but that their routines are not otherwise disrupted. In the past I have tried to simplify their care just to make it easier on sitters. But Leslie and her amazing team of sitters are extremely competent and responsible, and can also follow my directions down to the last detail.

They are able to do this because they truly care about the cats. They also leave my home looking immaculate, without litter on the floor and a clean garbage and litter boxes. The best part is that the cats are calm and happy when I get home, because they were treated well and given extra love and attention in my absence.

I probably would travel very seldom if it weren't for On All Fours Cat Sitting. But I truly trust this team and having them has alleviated so much stress and anxiety I would have otherwise suffered leaving my cat-kids. I am very, very grateful for this service!
J. Zafonte
We're a nine-cat household, and since all of our guys are rescues, many of them have ongoing medical needs that make their care regimens complex. How lucky we were to find On All Fours Cat Sitting, where without exception the sitters who have taken care of our large feline family have been responsible, attentive, and affectionate toward every last one of our cats. With travel to take care of family an increasingly necessary part of our lives, it's wonderful to know that all our animals, from the lowest-maintenance to the highest, are getting the love and care they need.
K. Horrocks
I cannot say enough fabulous things about On All Fours Catsitting! The owner, Leslie, and my sitter, Dawn, are two very special people who have helped me tremendously in living the life I love! Before I met them, I would rarely travel due to my cats. And I have a few of them! I just didn't think anyone could care for them as well as I do. Well, boy was I wrong!! I actually believe my cats are a little disappointed when I return because Dawn spoils them so! They are completely calm and happy, as if I had never left!

I cannot ask for more when it comes to caring for my cats. These guys know what they are doing and are very professional about it! I receive an email with pictures after every visit and even a fabulous hand-written note waiting for me when I return, detailing the love and affection given to them. As a former business owner myself, I give these guys an A+ grade when it comes to client care. The BEST around!
T. Minatel
I've been a client of On All Fours for the past 8 years and can proudly say Leslie and her team are the BEST! I travel a lot and no matter how long the trip, I always know my kittens are in the best hands. I return home to a happy bunch and it’s clear they have been in fantastic care. She is clear with communication before, during and after a trip.

We all know the hassles of travel delays and canceled flights, but I never worry if my pets are going to be ok. Leslie makes sure everyone is taken care of until I get back home. When Hurricane Sandy hit and I couldn't get back for a week, her team took care of them even while the city transportation was still trying to recover.

They truly care about your beloved pets as if they were their own. You can't get a better team for your furry family.
G. Burger
My husband and I moved to New York ten years ago with our cat Winston. Whenever we go away on vacation, whether it’s for a long weekend or a 2-week holiday, we always rely on Leslie and On All Fours Cat Sitting to take great care of Winston. All of the sitters are kind and compassionate. They love and understand cats and take the time to learn what each cat loves so they are trusted and welcomed in the home. They always respond quickly when I check in to see how my little boy is doing, and they leave sweet notes at the end of each visit to let us know how he behaved and if there was anything unusual (diet, etc.) that we need to keep an eye on.

We always know that Leslie will be there when she says she will be, and she has helped us out in many a pinch – when we had to travel last minute for a family emergency and when our flight was canceled and we got stuck out of town.

On All Fours Cat Sitting is the best, and highly recommended!
N. Tynan
Leslie and her wonderful team have cared for our two cats since we adopted them from North Shore Animal League in 2008. This is now, quite literally, one of our most important and valued relationships. My husband and I both travel a great deal. To know our kitties are so well protected and cared for is amazing. And Leslie's team has always gone above and beyond: from handling pilling duties for our cat with a heart condition, to giving them lots of love and playtime, to alerting us when there have been issues at our house.

Thank you Leslie, Dawn and all our great sitters from the past 10 years for giving us such peace of mind.
A. Green