Frequently Asked Questions

We take care of everything! We give your cats fresh water and food, clean out their bowls, scoop the litter and maintain both feeding stations and litterbox areas for cleanliness. We administer medicine to your cats when necessary, for either a temporary or life long medical condition. We provide recreation and love for your cats as well. It would be our pleasure to take in your mail and newspapers and water your plants.

We suggest daily visits or twice daily visits, depending on your cats’ needs, ages, health status. We strongly discourage every other day visits because anything can happen in 48 hours – your furry baby can get locked in somewhere, tip over her water bowl, or get hurt or become sick. They also need love and attention and they do get lonely!

We actually don’t have one because our philosophy is “life happens”. If you have paid, we will credit your account. If you return early, we will do the same.

Our staff go through an interviewing process similar to other positions. We check references and they shadow a seasoned sitter prior to hiring to ensure this is something they can see themselves doing. We are extremely selective about who we hire. Sitters must be proven cat lovers and have vast knowledge of cat care and behavior.

Yes, they are. We have been insured and bonded since we opened our doors in 1998. We have not come close to having a claim filed against us. We would be more than happy to provide you with copies of our certificates of insurance.

We provide as much continuity as possible for you and your cats. We assign at least 2 sitters to every given household to ensure we are available for you 365 days/year, despite our staffs’ days off and vacation time. We don’t have a revolving door of sitters entering your home. If we have to change your cat lover for whatever reason, we will let you know in advance and give you the option of meeting her/him before you go out of town.

We communicate with you in the manner of your choice while you are away to assure you that your babies are thriving despite your absence. We include photos which of course everyone seems to enjoy! Some of the photos our staff have taken are worthy of framing!

You can call, email or text Leslie at any time to make any scheduling changes.

Of course. We will never abandon your cats! We will continue to provide care until we know you are home safely!

We ask that you contact Leslie upon your return to let her know you are home cuddling with your furries.

We will of course take your cat to the vet you have on record. If we are concerned but don’t feel it’s an emergency, we will contact you and your vet first to discuss the options. If it is indeed an emergency, we will put your cat in his carrier and rush him to the vet immediately. If we need to do so after normal vet hours, we will take him to the closest 24 hour vet hospital. The advantage of living with pets in NYC or NJ is that there are several 24 hour hospitals just a taxi or car ride away.

Absolutely. We will purchase what we need for the duration of your trip and a bit more just so that you don’t have to run out to the store as soon as you return! We will ask for reimbursement once you return.

We strongly prefer to keep your keys on file for convenience and emergencies. If you would like your keys returned upon your return, there is a $10 fee. Subsequent trips for key pick up and return cost $10 each, as well.

Please visit our services pages for a comprehensive listing of our rates. New York | New Jersey

We accept several forms of payment. Please refer to our services pages for more details. New York | New Jersey

No, we do not. We provide care in the comfort of your home so that your cats, who thrive on routine and habit, have the opportunity to stay in their loving, familiar surroundings. If you need boarding for whatever reason, we can make recommendations.

Yes, we do have staff that will stay in your home if you prefer. Currently this service is only available in New York. Please take a look at our overnight rates on our New York services pages.

Absolutely! All you have to do is ask!